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Do you need appliance repair? Our team of technicians is certified, experienced, and knowledgeable about all types of appliances. Whether it’s a commercial or residential unit, we can help! Let us take care of your appliance repairs, so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. You deserve to have peace of mind when it comes to your appliances, and our service is just what you need. Contact us today for more information on how we can help with your appliance needs!

worker inspecting nonfunctional ceiling fan unit

What we can do

We guarantee your satisfaction

When you trust us with your appliance repairs, the job isn’t done until you say so.

Appliance Maintenance

Early detection, regular cleaning, and early part replacement can help you avoid expensive repair services. Let our professionals maintain the overall condition of your home appliances for happier, worry-free living.

Part Replacement

Let us help you find rare, hard-to-find parts you need to repair or upgrade your appliance unit efficiently and correctly.

Residential Appliance Repair

Let our reputable residential repair services keep your appliances running for you.

Commercial Appliance Repair

Don’t let your expensive high-end commercial appliance go to waste, let’s fix it instead.

Our Appliance Repair Company

Home appliances streamline our lives so that we can focus on the important things that matter most to us. They help us get the job done with minimal effort and less time. However, sometimes unexpected things happen, and our luxury household appliances just stop working despite the proper care and maintenance that we provide.

We understand how frustrating it is to find that your dishwasher is not working properly or your refrigerator stopped maintaining its cold temperature. What’s worse is that our luxury household appliances sometimes stop working when e we need them the most. Ironic right? But this is undeniably a common scenario at home.

Selecting a reliable appliance repair service provider can be challenging because you don’t know whom to trust and whose skilled and expert hands to hire. We provide effective, professional, and specialized appliance repair solutions that best suit your needs. Our expert appliance repair team is available to immediately respond to your repair needs.

Our service repair team is composed of diversely skilled professionals, each with his or her line of expertise that varies depending on the type of appliance, brand, and model. That’s why we offer a wide range of appliance repair services including top prestigious brands on the market.

We understand that technology will never stop evolving as technology gets better and better. And that’s why we continue improving our repair services and skills through regular training and skills development. Upskilling helps us keep up with the fast development in technology and appliance upgrades.

We offer only the best services to our clients. We send our certified appliance technicians out to address your specific repair needs. We make sure that only the most meticulous and skilled professionals handle your repair needs. Live worry-free and leave your broken appliance’s repair solutions to us. We will fix them right away, the right way!

Here’s the list of our extensive appliance repair services:

Residential Appliance Repair

  1. Garbage Disposal Repair
  2. Dishwasher Repair
  3. Dryer Repair
  4. Washing Machine Repair
  5. Freezer Repair
  6. Refrigerator Repair
  7. Oven, Range, Hood, And Stove Repair
  8. Microwave Repair
  9. Hot Water Heater Repair

Commercial Appliance Repair

  1. Walk-in Refrigerator Repair
  2. Walk-in Freezer Repair
  3. Ice Machine Repair
  4. Range Repair


I was surprised when I called to get an assessment on my washing machine because, even though it wasn’t working properly, it wasn’t clear what exactly was wrong with it or how much it would cost to fix. The tech came out and quickly helped me figure out everything that needed doing before providing an accurate quote for the work. After getting quotes from other companies in the area, I was glad I went with Laredo Appliance Repair because their rates were fair and lower than most places’ estimates!

Valerie G.

I had my oven cleaned by Laredo Appliance Repair a little while ago and now it’s working better than ever! They use all environmentally safe products so there won’t be any problems when I cook in it next time. Not only did they clean out the oven but also took care of some other issues that had come up while they were here. I know who to call whenever I need my appliances looked after.

Wendell C.

A tech got out to my house within an hour of me making the call, which is unheard of! I had some issues with my oven that he was able to deal with quickly and easily. Not only did they repair everything I had called about but also identified areas where I could improve the performance of my appliances in order to save money on energy bills. Knowing what needs fixing now makes it easier for me to handle any repairs when they pop up on my own.

Terry G.

Our Appliance Repair Services

See below for more information about our top notch repair services.

Appliance Maintenance

Your appliances need proper maintenance to prolong their usability and prevent the hassle of repairing – or worse, buying – a new one. Regular maintenance helps keep your appliances in check to avoid sudden malfunctions. It also determines slight mechanical problems, which allow our expert technician to efficiently diagnose, address, and fix the issue. Let us perform maintenance checks on your appliances and avoid expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.

Technician using multimeter to inspect a refrigerator

Part Replacement

Breakdowns and malfunctions are inevitable because, just like human beings, appliances have their respective life expectancy. However, in most cases, these breakages are repairable with our certified and most qualified expert technicians.

We provide part replacements to make the appliances work back to their original function. Here at my company, we only use premium grade and certified parts recommended by the manufacturers to ensure optimum performance and safety. We deliver only the best part replacement solutions that you and your family deserve.

Contractor replacing water sensors on a residential washing machine

Residential Appliance Repair

Appliances and equipment make our chores manageable and provide comfort in our everyday lives. When they break, we are often left with a mess on our hands that would take hours to clean up and complete manually. Aside from saving us time to spend on more important matters, appliances cut down on our physical exertion and energy by automating manual work.

We understand how difficult life would be without our residential appliances, and that’s why we strive to offer every possible residential repair service that our customers may need. We repair all types of appliances from the most prestigious brands down to the most mainstream appliance lines on the market. In case your appliance repair need is not listed below, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll provide options for you.

Handyman fixing a residential dishwasher

Commercial Appliance Repair

If you own a business, you know how important commercial appliances are in running your business smoothly and achieving optimum productivity. You know the magnanimous impact a minor production disturbance or interruption of operations can affect your business. But appliances are prone to common wear and tear especially when used constantly and for a long period. There will come a point that it will eventually shut down, a couple of parts will loosen, and it will stop functioning the way it should be.

With your busy schedules, lined-up deadlines, production quotas, and piles of orders, you barely have time to look after defective appliances and check their maintenance needs. Let us help you ease your burden on managing your commercial appliance because we offer dependable appliance repair, maintenance check, and parts replacement. We can avoid sudden malfunctions through regular maintenance cleaning and check-up where we’ll render parts inspection to detect potential damages and immediately replace worn-out parts. In case immediate appliance repair is needed, we provide a quick response to bookings and requests and employ our experts to resolve the issue. We work with high professional standards, respect for client’s time, and maintain one-call resolution as much as possible.

commercial oven in restaurant prep kitchen

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Our Approach

Have you ever been faced with the dilemma of what to do with a broken, non-functional home appliance? We know how disappointing it feels to do house chores manually because your supposedly helpful appliance suddenly stopped working. Instead of throwing elite appliance brands into the landfill, let us fix it for you. This way, you can save more time and money while also helping the environment.

Throwing broken appliances is not always the best option, especially if it’s still fixable. You just need the right set of hands from our expert team of repair service providers to do the job. With us, that’s exactly what we do; provide the best appliance repair services and get your home and office appliance back in working order.

Our team of repair service providers is equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience in handling appliance repair. We only choose the best, certified, and skilled service technicians to meticulously perform repair jobs. We work efficiently and effectively to fix every broken part of your appliance so that it’s performing at the level you’d expect.

We offer a wide range of appliance repair services and maintenance services to both residential and commercial sectors. We provide appliance repair services to most major brands- from elite, hard-to-find models to popular appliance lines. We aim to deliver optimum one-stop-shop quality service so that we can deliver all your appliance service needs including repair, maintenance, and parts replacement.

Is appliance repair worth the money?

Yes. Appliance repair is worth your money and it’s cheaper than buying a new appliance unit. High-end appliances made by credible and reputable manufacturers are usually crafted from premium, top-grade materials that are expected to last for a long period. Depending on the damage, most appliance breakdowns are manageable through parts replacements while others have loosened screws and parts that need re-tightening to bring them back to their fully operational condition.

Instead of replacing your unit, why not have it repaired instead? You get to save more time from canvassing and placing in order, cut back on expenses from buying a new one, and immediately get back to normal business operation. All you have to do is to find a reliable appliance repair partner who knows what they’re doing, is equipped with vast knowledge on appliance repairs from various brands, and performs with utmost professionalism.

Are appliance maintenance plans worth the money?

Appliance maintenance plans are typically not recommended for home appliances for a few reasons. First, studies show that most appliances don’t break easily during the first few years of usage, especially in a household setting where it is used with extra care and caution, well maintained, and is not overused for a long period. Secondly, even if they do break, repair costs for home appliances are not that expensive so you are likely to save more without appliance maintenance plans.

However, for commercial appliances that are constantly running for an extended period, exposed to busy and rigorous tasks, and are operated by different hands, it is a smart decision to acquire appliance maintenance plans. Firstly, commercial and industrial grade appliances are expensive, and buying a new one will incur huge expenses. Secondly, due to its overuse and exposure to tedious operations, they have a higher chance of breaking due to normal wear and tear. So it’s good to have an appliance maintenance plan to avoid paying more for regular maintenance and repairs.

How do you know whether the appliance or the fuse is broken?

For people with minimal knowledge and skills in appliance repair, the most common sign of damage is when the appliance stops working or does not turn on. Other appliances create funny, unusual sounds when broken.

To avoid accidents, we don’t recommend checking the thermal fuse for damage because doing so can result in a void in the manufacturer’s warranty. It could also lead to accidents. If you’re experiencing a problem with your appliances, you can call us immediately and we will send our expert repair personnel to perform a diagnostic check on your appliance to determine the scope of damage and whether a repair is possible. Don’t attempt to do things that you are not skilled at especially if you are dealing with electronic appliances and devices.

Should I repair or replace my appliance?

You should not attempt repairing your appliances if you are not qualified to do so because this can lead to serious injuries and can void the manufacturer’s warranty on your appliance unit. What you can do is call a reliable and qualified appliance repair service provider to perform a diagnostic check and determine the exact problem as to why your unit is not working properly.

As for a replacement, this depends on the warranty clause provided when you first purchased your appliance. But if you’re planning to buy a new one and replace your old unit, this depends on your budget and if you can afford to immediately buy a new replacement unit without having the old one checked and repaired.

How long should home appliances last?

Home appliances have a lifespan of 5 to 20 years. The expected usability is fair enough, practical, and by the time it stops working, you’ve already got your money’s worth with its functionality, comfort, and purpose it has served.

However, the lifespan is just a bare estimate. The length of an appliance life expectancy depends on the frequency of use, the level of quality of the unit, and the level of maintenance, care, and handling. You can prolong the longevity of your appliance by making sure it’s checked and cleaned regularly, handled with optimum care, and avoid over-usage.

How often do you need to repair an appliance?

There is no ironclad number as to how often you should have your appliance repaired. However, we recommend having it checked and repaired as soon as you notice something’s wrong with it like a squealing or knocking sound. Early detection prevents further damages and can save you money for costly huge repairs. Faulty appliances can also cause fire accidents.

It also helps to have your appliance routinely checked to detect potential damages even before it occurs. There are warning signs and other determining factors that give away information on whether an appliance is on the brink of breaking.